Kind Words from Customers

Subject: Thank you to your Crew!


I want to take this moment to personally acknowledge the crew you sent down here in Phoenix for the W.A.P.A. tower work.  Owen Echols, Justin Miller and Bill Prokop did a fabulous job.  Their work was performed with outstanding professionalism and attention to detail. 

They coupled that with extreme politeness and sincerity that is hard to see from people anymore.  I came away, after accompanying them, with the feeling that no other crew could have done the job any better.

You and E.T.T. can be very proud of the work they did here for us and I want to personally say “Thank You” to them.


Gene C. Herman
Contract Representative for the Dept. of Energy
DSW Western Area Power 


Subject: RE: Little Axe Tornado Recovery
Thanks to you and your team for responding so quickly to our need.  We really appreciate you as a partner.

David R. Segovia


Subject:  Install at Logan

Thanks Mike.

Nothing but great things being said by the customer on the work your crews have performed on this hop.  Please pass that along to the team members. 

Brian Jacobs, PMP
Sr. Program Manager
Aviat Networks


All systems were restored and traffic was up by noon Friday.  Everyone made it home for Christmas Eve... 
Thanks to everyone who helped pull this off.  ETTower really came through for us; provided an outstanding crew.

Scott Zenonian
Senior Telecommunications Specialist
Williams Northwest Pipeline


Subject: Crew at Window Rock


Just wanted to compliment
you folks on the crew that was working for us at Window Rock
and St Michaels this week.

Great customer service and a fine job. Solid professionals and a
credit to your organization.


Bill Van Huss
Telecom Specialist
Kinder Morgan


Subject: Crew Performance

I want to take a moment to applaud Tim, Travis, and Kyle.

They have faced almost insurmountable frustrations with a smile, and overcome every obstacle the customer has placed in their path.

I really appreciate their commitment to quality and safety. ...

Without these guys on the ground, in the air, and all of the crew's diligence, this project would still be in boxes in a warehouse.

The arrival of JR and Bo has rounded out an exceptional group of folks, and has things inside the shelter moving in a quality manner.

This has been beyond difficult, but I really do appreciate all of their efforts.

I rarely say this, but I would be proud to take these guys anywhere I work.


Craig Devin


Subject: Good work over the last 2 weeks!


I want to let you know that the crew working for us this past week and a half did an excellent job!  Aaron (foreman), Tim and Dan worked extremely fast but were very efficient.  They demonstrated very good work ethics and their concern for safety was constantly placed first on every job.  Aaron and Tim were true professionals and it was obvious that they have been doing this for some time.  Dan has only been with them for a few weeks but he proved to be a big asset for them and someone they can be proud of representing them going forward.

All in all, they cleaned up issues at 10 of our sites as well as performing the 60 Month inspection and mapping at PSP and inspection at FLG!  When I get back after next week, I'll make sure all of the documentation is properly processed and get with Roy about scheduling the 60 month inspections for the remaining sites that are due this year.

Have a good day and I'll see you after next week.


Gene C. Herman
Contract Representative for the Dept. of Energy
DSW Western Area Power


Subject: RE: Invoice 7261 from EasTex Tower, Inc.

Mike, this looks great.  Thanks a lot, your guys do a great job.

I hope you show some Christmas spirit and let them have a little time off.

Not much mind you.

Thanks again and we will most likely have some more work this next year.

Larry Thompson
The Williams Companies


Subject: Appreciation for August Performance


I wanted to take this opportunity to reach out and personally thank you for your hard work and dedication in working with the Aviat VzW Services team and VzW our customer, in meeting our commitment of projects completed in the month of August. This represents an important building block for all of us as we move forward into the months ahead, working with you to meet the VzW 2012 goals for MW hops on air. Please pass my appreciation on to your crews and know that Aviat Networks values its relationships with our subcontractors.  I personally look for a long and rewarding partnership with you and Aviat Networks. I hope you enjoy the Labor Day weekend.

Thanks again,
John M. Zayance, PMP
Vice President, Global Field Services
Aviat Networks


Subject:  FW:  path at Gladstone
Mike, Jim

Mike [Montano] tells me your guys came in, got busy and did a great job.  I would like to take the opportunity to say thank you for your quick response and great work.

Tommy Chavez, P.E.
Telecom/SCADA Maintenance Superintendent-South
Ttr-State Generation & Transmission, Inc.


Subject: Possum Kingdom


I would just like to express my gratitude to you and Damon Matheny for your help this afternoon. We were in a tough spot out there at Possum Kingdom Lake, trying to get some equipment installed for the Brazos River Authority. When our guys arrived EasTex was in full swing on the mountain. There is little room on Johnson Peak on any day and with your equipment up there, there was no room for our trucks. My guys made a questionable decision to try and dolly the equipment up the road to the site. When Damon saw they were struggling he stepped in to help. Not everyone these days is willing to help without being asked and we really appreciate Damon, Josh, Micah and Leon doing so.

In my mind, this incident further justifies our partnership with EasTex Tower.

You are appreciated.

Darwin Breland
Projects Manager CET Journeyman CSM
DFW Communications Inc.


To Whom It May Concern,

 DFW Comm. Inc has contracted and worked with EasTex Tower for the past two years on tower build-out projects with outstanding results. DFW Comm. Inc utilized EasTex Tower for land acquisition, project management, civil construction, tower erection, permitting and many other aspects of tower construction. DFW Comm. Inc has projects currently quoted with EasTex Tower and will continue to contract EasTex Tower for future tower projects. I would highly recommend EasTex Tower for any tower construction need that you may require.

Terry Eaves
Project Manager
DFW Communications Inc.


Subject: RE: FW: Mt Nebo- ANO Sweeps and Photos

Harlan,  ANO-Mt Nebo went really well.  Don found enough room on the tower to have both antennas so our outage was only about an hour to change out the radio.  Don and crew are the best.


Michael White


To whom it may concern:
EasTex Tower, Inc. has done extensive work for me in my region (OK, AR, West TN, and Northern MS).  I am responsible for all microwave applications in this region.
We routinely use their services for all types of tower work as well as new MW installations and augments to existing systems.

EasTex is very nimble and highly time sensitive to our needs. They have on many occasions moved with great haste when we encountered emergency situations.
I would certainly vouch for their quality of work, professional nature of their employees, technical expertise, and their competitive pricing.


Mitchell L. Gilbert
Microwave Engineer


I wanted to drop you a note and tell you that Jason and Dobber did an outstanding job out the at Gomez and Guadalupe system. They improvised, persevered, and scavenged parts to put Verizon's antennas in order and get the alignment where it should be. Well done guys! Thank you very much. I know they stayed longer than we had hoped, and I appreciate the work and you letting them stay. We appreciate you ...

Jason is good man who has always displayed great work ethics around me. Good man you got there ... He always has a good attitude with a can-do mindset. 

Bill Whatley
Force2 Telecom


Re: Lipe Mound Site

I would like to let who ever might be concerned know that EasTex did an great job on the Lipe Mound site. From start to finish, Safety and Professionalism were top notch. The morning the first crews arrived, Safety meeting was first thing. I work for a large company that is high on safety meetings and training, but don't use it. What I saw of EasTex crews, safety was first. Damon and his crew did an excellent job of recognizing a couple unexpected problems and addressing them. EasTex took care of the them immediately. I think Damon and his crews should be commended on the excellent quality of work done. JOB WELL DONE!!!!!!!

Keep up the great safety program.

Again, great job well done, and Thank You.

David Boggs
Land Owner



It was nice meeting the EasTex crew yesterday.  I was impressed with the crew.  Thanks for the good work and safety.

Brian Stoddard
Technician - Field Telecom West
Kinder Morgan

Verizon Referral


Subject:  Crockett Site Meeting

I talked with Mr. Caprielian, CEDC Chairman, and he will be briefing his Board Monday night … I appreciate the professional way you & your subcontractors handled this as the Board Chairman is very supportive of us & the project!

Thank you …
Jeff Haislet
ETMC EMS Communications Director


Subject: Entergy Microwave installs

Don,  I would personally like to THANK you and your crew for the work that was completed on the Entergy microwave system. Completing Arkansas and North Louisiana was a huge accomplishment for Entergy and EasTex.  I worked closely with your crew in Arkansas and NLA.  I was amazed at your crew’s professionalism, work ethic, attention to detail and devotion to safety.  I know we pushed your crew to the limits and I appreciate your effort to complete this before year’s end safely.

Brandon Laborde
Telecom Supervisor
Entergy Corporation


Subject: McCamey TS


I appreciate the work that was performed at the McCamey TS. The civil and tower crews were excellent in their knowledge, integrity and work ethics, which made it a pleasure to work with them.

Thank You,
John Cook
I.T. Field Operations
AEP / Texas North Region


Subject: RE: Houston Rooftop
Don Parker and crew did an outstanding job.  Don is the best in the business!
Chuck Rolfsmeier
Lead Telecom Tech
Kinder Morgan


From: James Obrien, Verizon Wireless
To: Brad Jones, Sixth Church of Christ Sci., Tulsa

Subject: Lewis Avenue South Cell Site

 … We are using one of our best crews because of the nature of this site, coax runs a distance through one of the buildings and terminates in the steeple. The base station is located outside … our coax runs from there to the steeple via a chase located above the ceiling in the adjoining building. Additionally we would need to access the steeple itself to terminate the lines and add the new antennas. …


Dear Mr. O’Brien, Thank you for your communication and thoughtful consideration in using your best crew.  A church  building, and one that is historical for Tulsa, is naturally a different challenge for crews than a traditional tower site.  But as before, there is total confidence that this can be accomplished smoothly and rightly.  …

Sounds like the contractor will be working on the west wall of the church; above the ceiling of the sanctuary; above the church foyer; on the roof of the church; on all three sections of the steeple; and from the parking lot.   …  Sincerely, Brad Jones


Dear Mr. O’Brien, Thank you for being in touch to see if the church had any questions after completion of the recent work.  In an earlier email you mentioned that you were sending your best crew. You were right.  They were an outstanding crew in every respect, and are welcome to work at the church anytime.

From my perspective, they are true professionals.  They know their trade, are most diligent workers, do a job right, are respectful of property, and genuinely responsive to others.  It was a pleasure to associate with all three of them.

…  The church values Verizon’s quality of thought and effort in our ongoing relationship.      Sincerely, Brad Jones


Subject: RE: Sterling

 …And again Mike, a big thanks to you and your crew. They, all three, were very professional to work with, had all of the right gear, were on time, and even had all the correct site safety signs on a handy portable sign board. Man, what an improvement over what I have had to deal with in the past! They even helped me load the spare strobe assembly in my truck. That does not sound like much, but right now the use of my left arm is seriously impaired.    I sure hope to do business with your group again!  Please pass along the “atta boy” to your crew.

Jeff Scarborough
Telecom Tech 3
Kinder Morgan


Dear Jim,

In my 35 years  in the Telecom Industry, it has been infrequent (two to be exact) that I actually wrote a letter expressing my appreciation for the performance by subcontractors.  That isn’t to say that other performances were not worthy of praise but I considered it exemplary work on par for the contract and expectations.   However when I experience exceptional performance, I believe it warrants that I pass along a personal expression of my appreciation.

…perhaps because the client was a Federal Government entity, the simple was often made more complex.  Some of these things included being extremely flexible with the schedule and responding on a short notice when the client was ready to go; and there was that very difficult hill just to get to the site, not solely for the daily workers clearing the ground and building the foundations, but specifically for the gravel truck, concrete trucks and the very challenging delivery of the 49,000-lb. shelter.  All of these events went off without a hitch – causing some great sighs of relief from both Motorola Project Manager and the Fort Carson/NEC folks.

Safety was primary for all aspects of the project and EasTex delivered the work and materials without a single incident…

Please extend my appreciation on behalf of C. Faulkner Engineering to all involved.  Together we were a winning team!

Very respectfully yours,

Michael T. Neville
Construction Manager
C. Faulkner Engineering     


Subject: RE: Eastex Colorado

As a point of feedback the ETT team has been extremely responsive for me this year. In the beginning, I started including ETT on LTE antenna jobs only. Due to the quality and timeliness of the team’s work, I am now including you on all SMR projects.  Please pass along my thanks to Jeff and the rest of the team.

Happy holidays,

Mike 'Gio' Giovanni
Construction Engineer
Verizon Wireless


Subject: RE: Completion Notice

Thanks Mike and crews for performing your work in a very professional and safe manner!!  The positive safe work attitude/job planning/safety leadership/trained employees/leadership all lead to a very SAFE work environment!!

Thanks to everyone!!

Sidney Paulsen
Western Area Power Administration

Thank you ETT for another great and safe job.
It is very appreciated. 

Pat Doak
Western Area Power Administration


Subject: Re: Parshall-Red Table Install

Whoo Hoo!  Great job to all involved!

Carey Ragels
Tech. Ops Comm.


Subject:  Wellington MW Install Job

I have to express my sincerest thanks to Tim, the foreman for ET Tower.  His graciousness with the LL on Friday went an extremely long way.  Mr. Seaworth told me no less than 3 times over the last two days that our situation would have been much worse if it weren’t for Tim's attitude, understanding, 
and willingness to do 
what the LL was asking.

So again, Thank You!

Debbie Essert
Network Real Estate-
Mountain Region
Verizon Wireless


Subject: Rosedale Stacked Out

Thanks Jeff.  The guys did a fantastic job out there.

Lou Ware
Lockard & White

Thanks Jeff, much appreciated.  As I mentioned on the call earlier, your guys did a great job; clearly Travis and his guys have done this a time or two…..!

Gordon Wiles
Senior System Consultant
Lockard & White, Inc.


EasTex Tower

EasTex Tower has been providing effective tower services to Panhandle Energy for several years.These services include maintenance, new construction and removal of all aspects of radio towers and communications antenna systems.

Panhandle Energy plans to continue our positive business relationship into the future with this organization through support of Panhandle Eastern Pipeline Co., Trunk line Gas Co., and Florida Gas Transmission LLP.

Kevin Dumas
IT Manger, Field Communications
Southern Union Company


Subject: Red Cross Class

Jim, this was one of the best classes I have taught here in the Springs. Your employees were tops at doing skills in both CPR and FA.  Your Safety team also is remarkably ready for any emergency!!!  WELL DONE!!!
 Kathilee, Red Cross Instructor


RE:  TX014 Closeouts

Team EasTex,

I have had a chance to review TX014 closeouts, and I must say, great job!  So far as I can tell, we won't need to do anything to them before upload to our archives.  Thank you for your attention to detail in getting these correct in the first shot, it makes life here at GoGo so much smoother.  Nice work all, no doubt there will be more to come.

Thank you,

Matt Byrne
Network Deployment Engineer SP / FTTS / CPM



Please thank your crew for me. We feel that our partners are a reflection of us, and when someone outside that circle can take the time to recognize a job well done, that means a lot.

Well done.

David R. Segovia
Manager of Construction Engineering, South Central Region
Verizon Wireless

I wanted to take this opportunity to reach out and personally thank you for your hard work and dedication.

– John M. Zayance, PMP, Vice President, Global Field Services
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