Site Access


Remote Site Access

Demanding locations are a chance to rise to the challenge with innovative planning. Though our normal means of transportation is our fleet of four-wheel drive vehicles, we have also reached sites via ATV, snow mobile, Sno-Cat, hiking, backpacking, helicopter, horseback, snowshoe, and boat. When necessary we have manufactured specialized equipment to transport shelter and components to the site. We have comprehensive experience in tower transportation and erection where roads or space do not allow for larger vehicles, tractor trailers, or cranes. We know the ins-and-outs when your location requires the extra effort, such as coordinating road closures or opening roads through the BLM. We often install towers and equipment at mountaintop elevations above 10,000'. In each unique situation, our crews problem-solve to keep your project moving and on schedule.


Winter Site Access

ETT personnel have completed intense Winter Survival and Sno-Cat training. Our 2013 Tucker XL-2000 4-passenger Sno-Cat reaches the site when heavy snow pack creates otherwise impassable conditions. We have also reached snowed-in sites via helicopter, snowmobile, and snowshoe. When a winter storm takes out service, or when a communications project must be accomplished, we will do our best to access your site, always with safety as the top priority.


Nothing but great things being said by the customer on the work your crews have performed on this hop.

– Brian Jacobs, Aviat Networks
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