History, Experience

EasTex Tower is dedicated to responding rapidly to customer need in the wake of blizzards, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, floods, and fires. By truck, helicopter, snow mobile, Sno-Cat, ATV or boat, we will give our all to make it to your site and restore your capabilities.  Throughout our 30-year history, we have mitigated the effects of hundreds of emergencies.

Significant Recoveries

  • Hurricane Katrina
  • Texas Tornadoes
  • Waldo Canyon Fire
  • Estes Park Flood
  • Night Recovery
  • Buck Mountain Fire
  • Menefee Mountain Fire
  • Oklahoma Tornadoes
  • Winter Storms
  • Ice Buildup
  • Arkansas Tornadoes
  • many more


Disaster Recovery Contracts with Guaranteed Response Times

We have found that customers appreciate the peace-of-mind that comes with an Emergency & Disaster Recovery Contract.  With a response time guaranteed in advance of any emergency situation, EasTex Tower will restore site capabilities with minimal downtime. 


Thanks to you and your team for responding so quickly to our need.  We really appreciate you as a partner.

– David Segovia, Verizon Wireless
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